Direct download: Vocab_Lesson__Bodyweight_Muscle.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:49am PDT

A casual chat while walking. 

Direct download: Walk_and_Talk__Fitness_Fasting_Adventure.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:08am PDT

An Aesop fable. 

Direct download: Learn_English_with_Stories__Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:42am PDT

Fitness and strength.

Direct download: BodyWeight_Muscle_with_Anthony_Arvanitakis.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:47am PDT

Questions and Answers on Sunday.

Direct download: QA_Fitness_Fasting..mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:43am PDT

Social conditioning, anchoring.

Direct download: Brave_New_World__Chapter_2_Conditioning_Children.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:23am PDT

Magic summers. 

Direct download: Walk_and_Talk__Cul-de-sac_Fitness.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:54am PDT

A casual walk and chat. 

Direct download: Walk_and_Talk__Cute_Names.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 10:01pm PDT

How To Defeat Brave New World.

Direct download: The_Fight_Never_Ends__How_To_Defeat_Brave_New_World.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:42am PDT

by Tito Colliander.

Direct download: Way_of_The_Ascetics__Fasting_Superpower.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:52am PDT

Because they lack wisdom. 

Direct download: Learn_English_With_Stories__Fools_Die_Because_They_Lack_Wisdom.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:52am PDT

Simply Your Life For Success.

Direct download: Simply_Your_Life_For_Success.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:37am PDT

The red pill about our world. 

Direct download: Brave_New_World__Chapter_1.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:47am PDT

The key to wealth. 

Direct download: Less_Is_More.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:54am PDT

More growing vocabulary. 

Direct download: Vocabulary_Lesson__David_The_Good_Interview_2.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:15am PDT

Another fable from Aesop.

Direct download: Learn_English_With_Stories__Actions_Speak_Louder_Than_Words.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:06am PDT

Fasting, Snake Diet, Questions

Direct download: Fasting_Snake_Diet_Questions.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:22am PDT

Some plant vocab. 

Direct download: English_Vocabulary_Lesson__David_The_Good_Interview.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:06am PDT

Youtube: DavidTheGood

Direct download: David_The_Good__Food_Forests_Gardening_Composting_Homesteading.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:29am PDT

Send them to me at https://gab.com/ajhoge

Direct download: Your_Interview_Suggestions.mp3
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Vocab Lesson 3 | Movie Technique | Sri Dharma Pravartaka Interview

Direct download: Vocab_Lesson_3__Movie_Technique__Sri_Dharma_Pravartaka_Interview.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 10:33am PDT

Vocab lesson Part 2.  Movie technique tomorrow....

Direct download: VOCAB_Lesson__Acharyaji_Interview_Part_2.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:59am PDT

Inquisitive. Astounded. Theological. Sect. Sectarian. Transcend. Attuned to. Literally. Prop. Slouched over. Commune with. Stimuli. 

Direct download: Vocabulary_Lesson__Dharma_Discussion.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:14am PDT

An ADVANCED conversation of deep philosophical topics. 

Direct download: Dharma_Natural_Law_and_God__with_Sri_Dharma_Pravartaka_Acharya.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:41pm PDT

We finish another book!

Direct download: Stop_Worrying__Part_7__EE_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:28am PDT


Direct download: Learn_ENGLISH_IDIOMS__Sour_Grapes.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:25am PDT

Happiness and meaning. 

Direct download: Your_LIFE_PURPOSE.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:43am PDT

How to survive and thrive during painful situations. 

Direct download: The_Power_of_Acceptance.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 11:25am PDT

Learn English With Stories | Human Nature

Direct download: Learn_English_With_Stories__Human_Nature.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:02am PDT

How To STOP WORRYING | Part 6 | Effortless English Book Club.

Direct download: How_To_STOP_WORRYING__Part_6__Effortless_English_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:08am PDT

New vocabulary: fable, half-starved, distended, lamentations, to creep, hollow.

Direct download: Learn_English_With_Fables__A_Case_For_Patience.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:44am PDT

Modern medicine. 

Direct download: Abstinence_and_Fasting_Benefits.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:31am PDT

Finding Truth.

Direct download: Gandhi.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:46pm PDT

Morale is vital. 

Direct download: Morale_and_Winning.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:15am PDT

Your Family, Your Tribe, Your Clan. 

Direct download: Build_Your_TRIBE.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:09am PDT

Video: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-power-of-prayer-how-to-stop-worrying-ee-book-club-part-5

Direct download: The_POWER_of_Prayer__How_To_Stop_Worrying__EE_Book_Club__Part_5.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:22am PDT

 Escape the trap.

Direct download: No_More_Money_Stress.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 11:18am PDT

Video: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/how-to-enjoy-life

Direct download: How_To_ENJOY_LIFE.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:23am PDT

Debt slavery and the nature of evil. 

Direct download: Usury_Is_Slavery.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:36am PDT

Awaken and arise!

Direct download: Leaving_The_Matrix__Redpill_Step_1.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:28am PDT

Two overlooked heroes.

Direct download: Lord_of_The_Rings__Merry_and_Pippin.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:55am PDT

More anti-worry techniques to free your mind. 

Direct download: How_To_Stop_Worrying__Part_4.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:43am PDT

An introduction to Brave New World

Direct download: Brave_New_Slavery.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:57am PDT

The one magic key to freedom that is easy and fast.

Direct download: The_One_Key_To_Freedom.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:49am PDT

EE Book Club | Chapters 9-11 | How To Stop Worrying

Direct download: EE_Book_Club__Chapters_9-11__How_To_Stop_Worrying.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:01am PDT

Effortless English Book Club. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. Chapters 6-7-8

Direct download: 3_Ways_To_Stop_Worrying.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:55am PDT

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Sanatana Dharma by Sri Dharma Pravartaka

Direct download: Natural_Law_Dharma.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:39am PDT

How to avoid worry and ease suffering.  Where to find meaning and purpose in life.

Direct download: Refuge_From_Worry_And_Suffering.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:43am PDT

The SUPER SECRET To English Success. 

Direct download: Commit_Dont_Quit_English.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:31am PDT

The easy way to teach English to children. 

Direct download: Teaching_Children_English.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 9:41am PDT

The first noble truth of life.

Direct download: Inevitable.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:41am PDT

Crisis, Worry, Stress- How to Survive!

Direct download: Stay_In_The_Fight.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:11pm PDT

Big purpose equals smaller worries. 

Direct download: Dont_Sweat_The_Small_Stuff.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:28am PDT

Flow downstream. 

Direct download: Success_The_Natural_Way.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:41am PDT

True power.

Direct download: Devotion_For_Your_SUCCESS_and_Happiness.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:25am PDT

New vocab and new techniques. 

Direct download: How_to_Stop_Worrying__Analyzing_Worry__English_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 4:11am PDT

A simple and effective technique. 

Direct download: An_Easy_Way_To_Reduce_Stress_and_Worry.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:42am PDT

The start of our new EE Book Club. 

Direct download: How_To_Stop_Worrying_And_Start_Living__Part_1.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:27am PDT

Stop Worrying!

Direct download: Your_Worry_Anxiety_and_Fear.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:29pm PDT

Know yourself. Trust yourself. Free yourself. 

Direct download: How_EXACTLY_To_Know_Yourself.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:28am PDT

The root of all knowledge and education. 

Direct download: Know_Yourself.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:56am PDT

Body, Spirit, Mind. 

Direct download: Physical_Education_and_English.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:35am PDT

The root purpose of education. 

Direct download: Education_For_Happiness_and_Meaning.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:51am PDT

The 3 Foundations of True Education.

Direct download: True_Education__How_To_Do_It.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:52am PDT

Finishing another book!

Direct download: Leadership_and_Constant_Improvement__7_Habits.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:02am PDT

The real red pills!

Direct download: A_System_of_Truth__How_To_Know_Truth.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:25am PDT

Stand up, win glory!

Direct download: Courage_and_Righteousness.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:56am PDT

A simple and powerful technique. 

Direct download: Excellent_Communication__Highly_Effective_Habit_5__Understand_First.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:49am PDT

The solution to depression and frustration.

Direct download: How_To_Live_A_Quality_Life.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:43am PDT

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Direct download: Win_Win__Habit_4__7_Habits_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:41am PDT

People First!

Direct download: Why_YOUR_People_Must_Come_First.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:34am PDT

The three cures. 

Direct download: How_To_Fight_Loneliness.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:03am PDT

Our weapons against evil.  

Direct download: Family_Faith_Truth_and_Honor.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:55am PDT

Lessons from India and Rome. 

Direct download: How_To_Handle_Bad_People.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:02am PDT

Yo Adrian!

Direct download: Be_Like_Rocky-_Grim_Determination_Endurance_Persistence.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:15am PDT

The symphony of virtues. 

Direct download: Virtues_and_How_To_Be_Happy.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:48am PDT

The next chapter in our book club!

Direct download: _Private_Victory__The_7_Habits_of_Highly_Effective_People.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Powerful paths to success. 

Direct download: Use_Systems_To_Succeed_Trust.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:41am PDT

And lead the best. 

Direct download: How_To_Join_and_Lead_The_Best.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:08am PDT

The problem and the solution. 

Direct download: How_To_Succeed_Automatically_With_English.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:26am PDT

Fortune Favors The Bold.  Fear Is The Mind Killer. 

Direct download: Boldness_and_a_Brave_Heart.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:43am PDT

Goal setting. 

Direct download: The_7_Habits_of_Highly_Effective_People__Chapter_3__EE_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:28am PDT

Create your systems for success!

Direct download: Powerful_Success_THIS_YEAR.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:34am PDT

Dreams and goals, part 2!

Direct download: Your_Success_In_2019.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 11:50pm PDT

Resolution time!

Direct download: Dream_Big_Your_Dreams_For_2019.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:58am PDT

It's time. 

Direct download: Review_Your_Successes.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:32am PDT

Our book club continues!

Direct download: The_7_Habits_of_Highly_Effective_People__Habit_2__EE_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:37am PDT

A Taoist story. 

Direct download: The_Butcher_and_The_King.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:29am PDT

A way to a happier life. 

Direct download: The_Long_View_of_Life.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:34am PDT

Power and control and how to get them. 

Direct download: How_to_Be_Powerful.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 7:29pm PDT

Starting a new book!

Direct download: The_7_Habits_Of_Highly_Effective_People__Chapter_1__EE_Book_Club.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:55am PDT

The key to longterm success and happiness. 

Direct download: Assets_Benefits_Robin_and_Bob.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:15am PDT

Continuing with the Introduction to The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. 

Direct download: Habits_Interdependence_The_Goose_and_The_Golden_Eggs.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 2:47am PDT

Intro to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Direct download: Personality_and_Character_7_Habits_Intro.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:54am PDT

The master skill for success!

Direct download: Mental_Mastery_Right_Effort.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 10:50pm PDT

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Direct download: The_Spirit_of_Christmas_Christmas_Classics.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:22am PDT

How wealth is measured. 

Direct download: Enjoy_The_Finer_Things_In_Life.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:19am PDT

A chat with AJ. 

Direct download: Finding_Your_Purpose_First_Steps.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:19am PDT

One of my favorite things about Japan. 

Direct download: Artisans_Japanese_Hot_Springs.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 9:08am PDT

A casual chat. 

Direct download: Good_Habits_Pace.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 8:00am PDT

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