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Direct download: 4_Habits_To_Change_Your_Future_with_English.mp3
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Get my book free at:

Direct download: English_for_Managers__The_1_Minute_Manager.mp3
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Get my book free "Learn to Speak English Like a Native":

Direct download: English_for_Managers_and_Leaders.mp3
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Get my book free "Learn to Speak English Like a Native":

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Direct download: How_to_Feel_More_CONFIDENCE__When_Speaking_English.mp3
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Direct download: YOU_Failed_The_OET__or_TOEFL_or_IELTS__Nurses_Doctors_Professionals.mp3
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Direct download: Why_ULTRA_FAST_LEARNING_Is_Important___Ultralearning_by_Scott_Young.mp4
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Direct download: YOU_Can_Speak_Like_a_Native__7_Steps_for_Success.mp3
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Let Go of Negativity

Direct download: Do_These_Things_Before_You_Sleep__Set_Yourself_Up_For_Success.mp3
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My $1 VIP-Career English Fluency in 99 Days Program

……. trains you using the “EPIC System”.

Direct download: WATCH_THIS_EVERY_DAY_To_Program_Yourself_For_English_FLUENCY__SUCCESS.mp3
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Direct download: Your_Life_Purpose__What_is_your_mission.mp3
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In this Effortless English show, I teach you how to think in English. The key to deep learning is repetition of high-frequency vocabulary, and traditional methods fail. So, what's the solution? .

As a fluent English speaker and English teaching expert, I know the importance of thinking in English for achieving fluency. In this episode of my podcast, I discuss the benefits of thinking in simple, common English and give tips on how to achieve this. I stress the importance of deep, repetitive learning of high-frequency vocabulary and grammar through a combination of mini-stories, point-of-view stories, and commentary. I also emphasize the importance of immersion in the language by surrounding yourself with English as much as possible, especially simpler, high-frequency English.

I suggest focusing on clear communication rather than perfect grammar as it can lead to overthinking and becoming slow and unnatural when speaking. I also recommend journaling to practice thinking in English and encourage listeners to think in English and use simple language to build fluency.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the potential of thinking in English for enhanced fluency.

  • Amplify your speaking ability with high-frequency vocabulary and grammar.

  • Dive into the world of mini-stories and immersion techniques to accelerate learning.

  • Turn your mistakes into opportunities for clearer communication.

  • Master the art of moving from basic to complex language structures easily.

Check out for my free ebook

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In this episode, I discuss the key skills required for freelancing, including technical skills, good English, and marketing skills. I also share my own personal experiences of going from a job to a fulfilling freelancing career. By improving your English skills, you can open up new job opportunities and connect with clients from around the world. Additionally, I offer practical tips for building your marketing skills and promoting your services effectively. Succeed and be your own boss.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Dive into the advantages of choosing a freelance career path.

Acknowledge the value of English language mastery in the freelance market.

Pinpoint key abilities to excel in freelancing: technical, English, marketing.

Tap into the satisfaction and happiness that stems from pursuing your passion professionally.

Connect with me here:


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Direct download: How_to_EARN_More_MONEY__The_BEST_INVESTMENTS.mp3
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Direct download: EASIEST_Way_To_Learn_VOCABULARY.mp3
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Direct download: Where_to_FIND_HAPPINESS_THIS_YEAR.mp3
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An English lesson from Aesop's Fables.

Direct download: English_Lesson__Pride_Leads_To_A_Fall.mp3
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Direct download: Economic_Decline_and_Stress_in_2023.mp3
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Direct download: DECIDE_and_Achieve_Your_GOALS_For_2023.mp3
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Direct download: The_BEST_Education__Find_Your_Purpose_and_Homeschool.mp3
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Direct download: HOMESCHOOL_or_Die__The_REAL_Purpose_of_School.mp3
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Direct download: Grief_and_The_Light_Beyond__Merry_Christmas.mp3
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Direct download: Family_Rituals__How_to_Make_a_Pomander.mp3
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Direct download: How_To_Be_FREE_and_Survive_The_Crash.mp3
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Direct download: Fatherhood_Is_Sacred__The_Corporate_Cult__Rich_Zubaty.mp3
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Direct download: The_Corporate_Cult__Preface__Rich_Zubaty.mp3
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Direct download: How_To_BELIEVE_IN_YOURSELF__Tony_Robbins.mp3
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Direct download: BIG_IMPROVEMENT_To_Your_English_In_3_MONTHS.mp3
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Direct download: You_Are_Unstoppable__Decisive_and_Strong__Chapter_3__Tony_Robbins.mp3
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Direct download: No_Failures__Always_Successful__Chapter_2__Tony_Robbins.mp3
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Direct download: How_To_Change_Your_Life__Chapter_1__Notes_From_A_Friend__Tony_Robbins.mp3
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New Book Club starts!

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Listen now.

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Direct download: Power_Success_Rituals.mp3
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Direct download: EVIDENCE_Of_The_Afterlife__Jeffery_Long__Life_After_Death.mp3
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Direct download: How_To_Stay_Strong_and_Energetic.mp3
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Direct download: Homeschooling_Basics__How_To_Teach_Your_Own_Children.mp3
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Direct download: Succeed_Faster_with_English__Motivation_Is_Key.mp3
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Direct download: New_Years_Goals_and_Resolutions__2022.mp3
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Another year is ending...

Direct download: What_Are_You_Grateful_For.mp3
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Practice your speaking.

Direct download: English_Conversation_Groups.mp3
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Video at:

Direct download: Learning_English_Good_Days_and_Bad_Days.mp3
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This is how...

Direct download: Teach_Your_Child_ENGLISH__The_Easy_Way.mp3
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Watch the video at:
Vocabulary you will learn in this lesson: progressive, mundane, drift through, set on, maximize, concerted, bearing on, monumental, gem.
Direct download: How_To_Improve__Your_English__Your_Life.mp3
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What happens after death. The common experiences of those who nearly die.

Direct download: Life_After_Life__2a__What_happens_after_death.mp3
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The most important decision to change your life this year. Get inspired and learn new English vocabulary at the same time. Vocabulary: suffering, to obsess, on their terms, metrics, to manifest, miserable, rub off on him

Direct download: Change_Your_Life_Now__Tony_Robbins_English_Lesson.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:25am PDT

New Book Club Begins!

Direct download: Life_After_Life__Chapter_1.mp3
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Life after death and a powerful synchronicity.

Direct download: Synchronicity__Life_After_Death.mp3
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Direct download: The_Power_of_Consistency.mp3
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and the 365 Challenge

Direct download: A_Month_of_FASTING.mp3
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Direct download: English_Steady_Never_Ending_Improvement.mp3
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Direct download: English_365_Challenge__HUGE_Improvements.mp3
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Direct download: Enjoy_The_Fight.mp3
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Direct download: Your_Success_Superpower__Do_This_Daily.mp3
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Direct download: Get_ENERGIZED_For_2021.mp3
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Let heaven and nature sing.

Direct download: Joy_To_The_World_and_To_YOU.mp3
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Direct download: The_Christmas_Spirit_of_GRACE.mp3
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Your dreams are waiting for you.

Direct download: Live_Your_DREAM_Now__Get_In_The_Game.mp3
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Direct download: Your_Targeted_Success_Guaranteed__Personal_Niche_Marketing.mp3
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Direct download: How_To_Sell_Yourself_For_More_Money_Better_Jobs.mp3
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Direct download: English_Success_Jobs_Money_and_Friends.mp3
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Direct download: Big_SUCCESS_With_ENGLISH__Think_Bigger_Now.mp3
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