In this Effortless English show, I teach you how to think in English. The key to deep learning is repetition of high-frequency vocabulary, and traditional methods fail. So, what's the solution? .

As a fluent English speaker and English teaching expert, I know the importance of thinking in English for achieving fluency. In this episode of my podcast, I discuss the benefits of thinking in simple, common English and give tips on how to achieve this. I stress the importance of deep, repetitive learning of high-frequency vocabulary and grammar through a combination of mini-stories, point-of-view stories, and commentary. I also emphasize the importance of immersion in the language by surrounding yourself with English as much as possible, especially simpler, high-frequency English.

I suggest focusing on clear communication rather than perfect grammar as it can lead to overthinking and becoming slow and unnatural when speaking. I also recommend journaling to practice thinking in English and encourage listeners to think in English and use simple language to build fluency.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the potential of thinking in English for enhanced fluency.

  • Amplify your speaking ability with high-frequency vocabulary and grammar.

  • Dive into the world of mini-stories and immersion techniques to accelerate learning.

  • Turn your mistakes into opportunities for clearer communication.

  • Master the art of moving from basic to complex language structures easily.

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