The best education is active.  The best education is self education.  The best learning happens outside of school.  What should you study as an independent learner?  What are the most important subjects?  What the are best books that you must read?  How exactly do you design your own education?

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True education is available to anyone.  We live in a golden age for independent self education.  Learn how to create your own amazing education in this Effortless English Show.

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Silenced is a movie about censorship and free speech in America. AJ teaches you vocabulary from the movie.

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Never quit English!  A never quit attitude is perhaps the number one secret to success with English and with all important goals.  Quitting is the cause of failure.  Develop a never quit mindset by facing tough challenges in life.

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Importance of English: Money, jobs, career, international travel, international influence, international friends, international study abroad.  English is the language of business and money.  English is the language of travel and tourism.  English is the language of science and academics.  Do not forget the real world importance of English. 

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The best way to learn English.  The fastest way to learn English.  How to get the best results.   

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Schools are lying!  Are you frustrated with English? With life? Do you fail to get the success you want?  Do you have problems with your English and your life? You probably learned a big lie in school that is preventing your success!  Find the solution in this Effortless English Show! English Courses at:

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Nerd meaning:  an overly intellectual person who is lacking social skills.  Also: geek. Nerd and Geek culture is the topic for this Effortless English Show!! English Courses at:    

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To succeed with English, you must have faith.  You must have faith in yourself that you will succeed.  You must have faith in the method.  Build your confidence and succeed with English!

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"The red pill" is slang.  This slang comes from the movie The Matrix.  In this Show, AJ teaches you English from the movie.  He also discusses how we use this slang in different situations.  Effortless English Courses at:

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