How to be a REAL entrepreneur so YOU can be free and enjoy life fully! There are a lot of pretenders and a lot of posers. To be financially free, you need to get real. AJ tells you the important steps for becoming a real and successful entrepreneur.

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Relaxed chat about my Dad, your mobile freelance or entrepreneur business, and my Taoist approach to work. 

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Enthusiasm is a super power!

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Casual chat as I walk to work....

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Casual chat while walking to work. 

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Speak English effortlessly faster.  The Effortless English engine has two parts, motor and fuel.  You need race car fuel to succeed faster. 

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Relaxed Sunday chat with AJ

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Casual chat with while walking to work.

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How to find money opportunities. Rich Dad Poor Dad Chapter 1B. This Effortless English Book Club lesson teaches us the emotions that make us wage slaves, and how to overcome them. Learn how to master fear and greed. Learn how to think like the rich. Learn how to find opportunities to make money. Learn to win the game of money. #EEBookClub #money #entrepreneur #financial freedom #EEBusinessClub

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Coach AJ answers your questions.  Some audio problems (microphone problem)

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