The Math of English Learning is now live on the internet.  However, we are not yet ready for students.  We will be adding learning guides during the next couple of weeks and then will be ready to accept A FEW students.

Please be patient :) 

Coming Soon!
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The Dance of Learning -- Study guides for all podcasts, coming soon.  100 Real conversations a year, with study guides, for only $9.99/month.
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Pronunciation: AJ and Steve The new student/learner website is coming soon. As a member of the Effortless English Club, you can get study guides for every conversation and article. You can also use our Question Forum to ask questions about the podcast episodes. For the next few months we will offer a discounted membership subscription, as we develop the site. After December, the normal price will be $9.99/month for 100 Real Conversations a year, plus study guides. To receive information about Effortless English, enter your email address in the box to the top-right!
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AJ and Steve- Confidence (C) The new Effortless English website is coming soon.  I will post study guides on the site-- for each podcast conversation and article. 

Study guides will include side by side word lists, with simple explanations of difficult words and phrases.   There will also be a question forum on the new site- so members will be able to ask questions about slang, idioms, vocabulary, and phrases in the podcasts. 

For the first several months, while I test the site, membership will be discounted (first month free, $6/month after that).  The normal price, beginning around December, will be around $9 a month. 

If you'd like to get more information about Effortless English, enter your email address in the box on the top-right, and click the blue button!

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Idioms and Slang (C) Join our mailing list and get news about the new student site-- coming soon! Also get free study tips, and bonus audio articles. To join, enter your email at the top-right of this website, and click the blue button!
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Remember Where You Were (A) Coming soon- text (transcripts) and learning guides for all podcasts!
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Homeless In Athens, Part 1B (A) Effortless English Coming Soon! Full study guides for each podcast episode. Explanations of difficult words and phrases. Japanese translations of the entire conversation or article. We'll go live in about one week, and will then accept a few trial members while we are in Beta testing.
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Homeless In Athens, Part 1A (A) Study guide for this audio article coming soon at: Effortless English!
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Lessons From Video Games Study Guides will soon be available for all podcasts- at: Effortless English
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11 Cats, 4 Dogs, and a Baby For a complete text transcript of this conversation, become a member of the Effortless English club!. You'll get 100 Real conversations a year, with complete study guides, for only $9.99 a month.
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Relax! For Learning Guides To Each Podcast, Go To:

Effortless English
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Wat Struggles With Pronunciation This is a conversation between my best friend Kristin, a Japanese student, and I.
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Conversation About Sigmund 1
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Three Jobs Subscribe to the "Effortless English" Podcast feed. If you have iTunes, simply click on the link below. Podcast feed: Subscribe If you don't have iTunes yet, you can download it for FREE at the Apple website-- then afterwards, subscribe to Effortless English with the link above. To download iTunes (Windows or Mac) go to: Enjoy!
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Sample Learning Guide See for the text of this podcast.
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