Effortless English Book Club.  Rich Dad Poor Dad Chapter 2B.

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Casual chat with me. 

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Casual chat with coffee!

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Casual chat with me.. with coffee!

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The best way for you to speak English is to speak simply, clearly, and confidently. You don't need to use complicated sentences or vocabulary. You don't need to speak super quickly. By speaking simply and clearly, you will get the results you want: order food, buy things, get dates, make friends, pass job interviews, sell things, be understood clearly.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad. Chapter 2a. Most people struggle financially because they do not know the difference between an asset and a liability.

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Casual chat with coffee.  In English!

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 Casual chat with me at the coffee shop. 

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Defy the critics. Defy the doubters. Defy the haters.

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Coffee and a chat with me. 

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How to be a REAL entrepreneur so YOU can be free and enjoy life fully! There are a lot of pretenders and a lot of posers. To be financially free, you need to get real. AJ tells you the important steps for becoming a real and successful entrepreneur.

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Relaxed chat about my Dad, your mobile freelance or entrepreneur business, and my Taoist approach to work. 

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Enthusiasm is a super power!

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Casual chat as I walk to work....

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Casual chat while walking to work. 

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Speak English effortlessly faster.  The Effortless English engine has two parts, motor and fuel.  You need race car fuel to succeed faster. 

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Relaxed Sunday chat with AJ

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Casual chat with while walking to work.

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How to find money opportunities. Rich Dad Poor Dad Chapter 1B. This Effortless English Book Club lesson teaches us the emotions that make us wage slaves, and how to overcome them. Learn how to master fear and greed. Learn how to think like the rich. Learn how to find opportunities to make money. Learn to win the game of money. #EEBookClub #money #entrepreneur #financial freedom #EEBusinessClub

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Coach AJ answers your questions.  Some audio problems (microphone problem)

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Casual chat with AJ as he walks to work. 

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Overcome your fear. Fear stops you. Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. Stops you from living your dreams. Stops you from starting a business. Stops you from getting your dream job. Stops you from trying. Stops you from succeeding. Stops you from living. How do you overcome fear? AJ discusses this terrible fear. He teaches you how to change your mind. How to let go of fear. How to grow stronger and take action. How to live your dreams.

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Casual chat with me as I walk to work!

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The first step to financial freedom is...... find your baseline. This is much easier than making a lot more money. AJ teaches you what BASELINE means, why it is so important, and how to find your own. Your financial baseline will free you from most financial fear. It will help you be more successful starting a business, becoming a freelancer, becoming an investor, or getting a job you love. Finding your baseline will also help you overcome the fear of criticism and failure. Your baseline gives you freedom. Enjoy this #EEBusinessClub Show!

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We are an international community of English learners. The Effortless English Family is special. We have members and fans from every country in the world: all kinds of different people. Everyone is very friendly. Everyone is supportive and positive. We help each other. We encourage each other. We congratulate each other. Why is this community so special? It is the Code, Mission, and Values that guide us. In this Effortless English Show, AJ discusses one of our most important values: contribution. A contribution mindset is an important secret to our success-- and to your success and happiness in life.

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Special: For Audio Podcast Listeners Only.  A casual chat as I walk to work in the city. 

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Powerful English Speaking requires fluency, confidence, and persuasion. You must master all three skills to speak #English powerfully. Persuasion is, perhaps, the most difficult skill. But you need it. Persuasion is how you convince other people to help you. Persuasion is how you build a team. Persuasion is how you create a strong family. Persuasion is necessary to start your own successful business. While there are evil kinds of persuasion, there are also honest and good methods. Learn the three key skills of the Effortless English System.

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Effortless English Book Club Lesson | Rich Dad Poor Dad | Chapter 1A. AJ teaches you vocabulary and the main ideas from Robert Kiyosaki's bestselling book about money. The #EEBookClub is a great way to learn English through reading and listening. In Chapter 1A, we learn the key difference between rich people and others. Rich people think differently about money. Rich people make money in a different way than most people. Most people are wage slaves. The rich achieve financial freedom.

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Job interviews in English are difficult. Questions about past jobs can be stressful. You must be careful how you answer. Why did you leave your last job? Why do you want to leave your current job? Why did you change jobs so often? Were you ever asked to resign? Were you ever fired? Coach AJ Hoge teaches you how to answer these questions skillfully, in English. Get the job you want. Master job interview skills with the Effortless English Job Club.

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You learn the final chapter of Animal Farm today. The story ends. What finally happens to the animals? What happens to the pigs? Is this a happy ending, a sad ending, a funny ending? Enjoy this last lesson for George Orwell's classic book!

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